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Read what people pride themselves on

Check out all the submissions and submit your pride.
Lucky ones to get a front row invite to #BPFT


Fashion is the creation of Human and the Human is the creation of God.

Amitava Ghosh

Fashion have the power to change mind & mood of man and women.

Amitava Ghosh

Style is knowing who you are and what you want to say !!!

Basab Chakraborty

One's own indegeneous fashion is the best fashion that one can preceive!

Downloading Subrata Saha

Blenders Pride make me higher. Let's take a test..

Pranav Baisla

Wedding look

Dipankar Das

Style will enhancing your inner strength

L.P. Deshpande

It is great pleasure and pride to be a part of extravganza called BPFT it is always a on wish list let this be fulfilled this time in 2015


Fashion is something which comes from your own mind and heart.

Mudit Ryan

Blenders Pride reserve, Some Premium beers , group of close friends from Chemical engineering department and Saturday night @ Halloween it was really a night to remember :) one word BP is so smooth. It was night @ 2 am beach by Arabian sea playing kabaddi ( National Sport ha ) it was something most enthralling and I will remember always in my life.

Sudip Paul

Good sense and manner, both stays inside of every individual and taste is related to both of it. I live my life Simply but in a good sense and manner, that stays with me and that is my good taste.

Dipankar Das

Style should reflect personality