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Read what people pride themselves on

Check out all the submissions and submit your pride.
Lucky ones to get a front row invite to #BPFT

#MyStyleMyPride I take pride in pursuing music. I have managed to be good at it, and it makes me feel calm and in control.

#MyStyleMyPride I take pride of my sketching profession when i have been constantly rejected by various design colleges and people and they condemned me for my art and short of skills, but taking their critism as a learning phase i carved out a niche for myself.

#MyStyleMyPride the fact that I believe I am taking good care of my 82 year old mother after my father passed away. I think in old age all one needs to carry on with life is a caring family who are committed to providing good quality life full of sparkle , care and purpose which adds to the years of an elder. Charity begins at home

#MyStyleMyPride Fashion modelling

#MyStyleMyPride in doing wt mk ol indian hv smile on dr face n mk ol nr1c dr1c feel proud

#MyStyleMyPride Of fulfilling my dream to create my own label with all my passion.

#MyStyleMyPride Developing digital content around Theatre

#MyStyleMyPride Lending help to the best of my ability

#MyStyleMyPride Lending help to the best of my ability

#mynextupdate Fashion and love is inbuilt, it entirely depends on you how you take it out and show to others.

Feeling Happy
Was at Nobu
M.t. Venu Mtv

aunxity to watch t20 WC

Pawan Kumar Singh

Blender Pride is always like a friend