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Lucky ones to get a front row invite to #BPFT

#MyStyleMyPride I feel proud of myself as of what I achieved today by taking entire responsibility of my family at an early age despite of many challenges and difficulties..In this journey l have learned /experienced many lessons of life as of how to live , patience,attitude & confidence etc..Life goes on! Everyone must be ready to accept any kind of situation .. @bpft - I have been part of all seasons of bpft in Hyderabad starting from 2011.

#MyStyleMyPride About motivational talks

#MyStyleMyPride Like a lot of professionals, I have constructed opinions on how people speak about what they do and their choice of career. A small inadvertent comment, a carelessly dropped sentence, body language, all lead to formulation of opinions. As an employer, I think taking pride in your work and your organization is highly important and should come naturally. If your eyes do not light up when you are talking about what you do, it is an immediate strike on your score sheet. So finding new things and spend time to hone it is all I admire. So new fashion new ideas will invoke more varied thoughts and concepts.

#MyStyleMyPride Loving & caring for my dear parents. As a single child(daughter) and being married now , I all the more have a responsibility of taking good care of them & making them feel I?? always with them .

#MyStyleMyPride My style my prife

#MyStyleMyPride the fact that I work for my community and society without any selfish motive. The only intention is to help the community live in a safer and secure environment. We still struggle with basics in our city Gurugram like Street lights, cleanliness, roads and parks

#MyStyleMyPride I am passionate about travel and I am good at it, on a daily life has a lot of ups and downs, turns and twists but after taking a road trip it always ends up with the good that makes me happy and feels prouder.

#MyStyleMyPride My belief to stand up for the cause of supporting handloom artisans in India and relive the Art by using only handloom fabrics for my about to be launched label THREADS PER INCH.

#MyStyleMyPride Nation Building. As Young Indians we realize the dream of a developed nation. I am a entrepreneur , golfer , father and CII- Young Indian member this is me.

#MyStyleMyPride How much I have grown as a person. From being the pampered on to being a super wife with a job ,running errands, maintaining a garden, and trying new dishes ! I am proud of how far I have come !!!

#MyStyleMyPride Working towards my passion for analyzing fashion trends and science behind them. I aim to make a fashion bot to generate fashion forecast.

#MyStyleMyPride My vast network of friends and family . My folks keep me grounded and yet give me the wings to fly high and conquer the world