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Read what people pride themselves on

Check out all the submissions and submit your pride.
Lucky ones to get a front row invite to #BPFT

#MyStyleMyPride designer dress for the fashion show

#MyStyleMyPride Gaming.

#MyStyleMyPride Helping the needy

#MyStyleMyPride International big show very good blenderpride all the world is so so good

#MyStyleMyPride Travelling and exploring places

#MyStyleMyPride Being myself and able to achieve what I believe in.

#MyStyleMyPride Learning is the core passion of everthing I do.

#MyStyleMyPride Friends Gossiping at 11 - 12 pm with Lots of Fun, Masti and Foods & Beverages. This all makes me proud and Feel by Heart so #Pride... #MakesNo1DosTiii wiTH #Pride #BLendeRsPriDE #BP

#MyStyleMyPride bp 's fashion tour is awsome i want to attend could i get pass for hyderabad tour

#MyStyleMyPride What I was, what I do and what I can

#MyStyleMyPride Helping others when in need and clicking pictures with them

#MyStyleMyPride One Passion apart from my job is to make my passion into "profession" it's great to travel and to connect with others the end of the day "Travel is your biggest teacher" #MyStyleMyPride #BPFT2018