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Read what people pride themselves on

Check out all the submissions and submit your pride.
Lucky ones to get a front row invite to #BPFT

#MyStyleMyPride Live life in pride

#MyStyleMyPride Achieving my goals , sacrificing my comfort for success. Helping my fellow brothers and sisters who wish to succeed in their area of interest . Believe in parents& friends Rather than god

#MyStyleMyPride I pride myself in flying in the open skies through Paragliding in different countries. #BlendersPrideFashionTour #mystylemypride

#MyStyleMyPride Exploring new things n making a huge bunch of buddies all together from every corner of my own world ..i take pride in showcasing myself in a different way in every aspect of my life..tq??

#MyStyleMyPride All the struggles that I had undergone to achieve the dream that I chose and that is creating a self identity and innovative thinking

#MyStyleMyPride Being a solo Paraglider and flying in the sky makes me feel proud.

#MyStyleMyPride Blending my passion with reality

#MyStyleMyPride Any work that spreads love to others. Though I am immensely passionate about Trekking in the mountains, surfing in the Ocean and organising events. I take most pride in any of my work that spreads love to others, I feel prouder of myself and my achievements. #MyStyleMyPride #BlendersPrideFashionTour #BPFT2018

#MyStyleMyPride To enjoy the event at the cities biggest and most beautiful event

#MyStyleMyPride in my perseverance and hard work to achieve my goals every single day.

#MyStyleMyPride If life could be a superhero movie, I will be batman. I will stay a programmer at day, model and social worker at night. But in reality, I?? proud of my ability to juggle my job as a Software Engineer at one of the world?? largest banks with my passion for fashion and community service. My tryst with modelling began in elementary school when I dressed up as Miss World for a fancy dress contest. Ever since then, I was inspired by the fashion world as a child. I judged a fashion show at the Institute of Public Enterprise and was invited by the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University for photo shoots. Coming to my other passion, I was an NSS volunteer and I?? currently a UN volunteer. I take pride in these two creative pursuits which inspire me every day and help me make a meaningful contribution to the community. Along the line, I just might connect my programmer world to my inner world.

#MyStyleMyPride Bringing up my 2 kids while balancing my job that I have restarted after a 13 year sabbatical