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Read what people pride themselves on

Check out all the submissions and submit your pride.
Lucky ones to get a front row invite to #BPFT

Namit Agrawal

Be yourself! That's the only way to be unique! Coz no one else can define your style better than you #STAYSWITHYOU


The life style,your attitude and your manner should Blend each other.

Pratik Agrawal

STYLE evolves but good TASTE never changes, it always #STAYSWITHYOU..!!! #BPMYSTYLE

Kaveri Baruah

#STAYWITHYOU. My good taste is all about being comfortable and boho. When i wear something, i should feel confident of who I am. I get the best out me while i get ducked up. Cheers to life, Cheers with BP <3

"Elegance is not about being noticed. It's about being remembered. Be faithful to your own TASTE, because nothing you really like is ever out of STYLE" #STAYSWITHYOU

Ramana Prasad

The life style,your attitude and your manner should Blend each other, which will give you eternal pride ..

Prabhu Nani's

Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose #BPMYSTYLE

Adil Siddiqui

My Good taste is wearing anything which is Comfortable, which I can carry it of, will eventually turn out to be Stylish #STAYSWITHYOU

Sailesh Barigeda

Fashion is What you Buy Style is What You make #BPFTSTAYSWITHYOU

Namrata Zawar

What ever I do, I am happy.. I am a Diva.. And Blender's Pride just adds on to the feel!!

Yagika Madan

Life is not meant to stop anywhere keep going - keep going - keep going - don't look back because u r not meant to stay at one place there are so much beautyful things ahead

Yagika Madan

share ur good taste