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Lucky ones to get a front row invite to #BPFT


Nice year

Bhavani Pani

Post retirement and into late 60s, the best time of the day probably is the hour or so of walk in the park in the morning. In Bhubaneswar, we have a very beautiful Ekambra Kanan park and the walking track passes through the Chandagha natural forest range. Some months back while enjoying my walk saw a little girl dragging her feet and walking with a grumpy face , following her father at a distance. As I reached her , I put out my hand. She grabbed my two fingers. we walked in silence for nearly 30 mnts. Then she said- 'you know, the world is round.' 'How do you know?' ' My teacher told us that.' Why did she say so'... followed her explanation and then the riddles she had learnt in school and what she liked and did not like. She is Roma and 8 years old. Became friends. Have been meeting for a walk on the same track most Saturday and Sunday mornings when she is free from school and from attending taekawando session- the reason for her being grumpy the first time we met. She has adopted me as her 'Ajja'- maternal grand father in Oriya. She is now the only 'foster' grand child I have and the best reason for the best time of life for me! The picture I am giving here is one shot by an unknown person who followed us and put it on the Facebook with caption- Grand pa and grand daughter looking for grand ma! Actually I was describing here different species of birds that exist in Nandan kanan and Chandagha forest! Happy times!!

Saurabh Kohli


Shaikh Mohij

Hi I Am Mohij

Durga Prasad Pmv


Sagarika Munni

The only place where success comes before work is in the blenders pride fashion tour #stayswithyou

Srinivas Katragadda

I always would like live life kingsize - I have a taste for fashion and always make it large.

Mohit Shashank Ebenezer

Originality! Nothing can be more stylish than wearing your personality. #STAYSWITHYOU

Dipankar Das

Blenders Pride the taste of good blend.

siddharth gupta

Good taste is the modesty of the mind; that is why it cannot be either imitated or acquired.

Bhargav Akhil

You don't wear clothes, you wear 'Style'. #STAYSWITHYOU #BPFTHyd

Bhargav Akhil Katikala

You don't wear clothes, you wear a 'Style' !! #Stayswithyou @bpft2015