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Get a glimpse of how 4 iconic designers are interpreting Pride as their theme as they curate an evening of BPFT each, for the 2018 edition of the tour.

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour


  • #MyStyleMyPride Traveling- It's such a beautiful feeling, to be common. To sit on the ground in the dirt and feel your hair being washed by the sun. To hang from the side of a public bus with the sound of old Hindi songs blaring from above your head. And for me traveling is a lot about these experiences. Connecting with the local environment instead of being encapsulated in a bubble of artificial experience. And all the experiences have to be appreciated for what they are. But until u get a bit rough, until u have taken some risks and suffered a little along the way, you can't really come to the heart of it.

  • #MyStyleMyPride putting efforts into what I wear, because what you look is what will reflect in your thoughts and ultimately your actions. It's important to take pride in who you are and what better way to do than to be groomed fashionably.

  • #MyStyleMyPride I take pride in purusing different passions

  • #MyStyleMyPride Being confident and keeping my chin up , no matter what .

  • #MyStyleMyPride watching mesmerizing ideas of 4 iconic fashion designers of india.

  • #MyStyleMyPride Watching glimpse of iconic ideas of 4 top fashion designers of India who can represent different sentiments of human through garments and designs.