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my style.
                my pride.
Pride makes you who you are.
Share what you pride yourself on and you could
win an invite to bpft 2018

Get a glimpse of how 4 iconic designers are interpreting Pride as their theme as they curate an evening of BPFT each, for the 2018 edition of the tour.

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour


  • #MyStyleMyPride My style my prife

  • #MyStyleMyPride One Passion apart from my job is to make my passion into "profession" it's great to travel and to connect with others the end of the day "Travel is your biggest teacher" #MyStyleMyPride #BPFT2018

  • #MyStyleMyPride Loving & caring for my dear parents. As a single child(daughter) and being married now , I all the more have a responsibility of taking good care of them & making them feel I?? always with them .

  • #MyStyleMyPride Like a lot of professionals, I have constructed opinions on how people speak about what they do and their choice of career. A small inadvertent comment, a carelessly dropped sentence, body language, all lead to formulation of opinions. As an employer, I think taking pride in your work and your organization is highly important and should come naturally. If your eyes do not light up when you are talking about what you do, it is an immediate strike on your score sheet. So finding new things and spend time to hone it is all I admire. So new fashion new ideas will invoke more varied thoughts and concepts.

  • #MyStyleMyPride About motivational talks

  • #MyStyleMyPride I feel proud of myself as of what I achieved today by taking entire responsibility of my family at an early age despite of many challenges and difficulties..In this journey l have learned /experienced many lessons of life as of how to live , patience,attitude & confidence etc..Life goes on! Everyone must be ready to accept any kind of situation .. @bpft - I have been part of all seasons of bpft in Hyderabad starting from 2011.